Christianity has never been a smooth journey for anyone. Followers of Christ
also face various challenges in their walk towards becoming better Christians. It
may be relationship or marital issues, fighting different forms of abuse, learning
how to live with people or fixing broken friendships. Perhaps you can relate to
any of these. Be part of the conversation table every Wednesday at 8pm with our
Host Evie and invited guests as we discuss some of the most unspoken issues in
our Christian society. You too can be part of the program by sending in your
questions on said topics or issues you are unable to discuss with anyone.

Latest episodes

September 18, 2019

Join our hostess and guest panel, as they talk about this real issue.

September 15, 2019

RealTalk about what to do when you are in the middle of two friends, who you care a lot about, but know that not everyone knows the truth...

September 02, 2019

Join our show as we talk about this real issue of dealing with those who have or attempt to defraud us.


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