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Calvary Hour

Everybody has their own unique experience at the mount of Calvary. The beauty in this is that we can all learn something new from each other. Calvary hour walks our viewers through real stories about real people and events which brought them closer to that beautiful mount. During this precious hour, we reminisce the love of Christ and how it has carried His followers through the years. Join our Host Nana Akosua and special invited guests as we journey through this magazine show; be it by learning what the bible says, understanding Adventist beliefs, examining the beauty of worship in song, or featuring personality profiles that testify of the goodness of the Lord. May every Tuesday’s 4pm be an hour at the feet of Jesus.

Family Life

Join our hostess and panel of guests as they talk about family and lifestyle in general.

Healthy Living

Ever wanted to consult a medic but you did not know how? What about that secret issue you have been struggling with for a while but do not know who to approach or how to solve it? Or maybe you have always wanted to make some lifestyle changes perhaps through diet or exercise but you do not know how to go about it? Join our Host Bibie, along with various guests every Monday at 8pm as they walk us through common health-related concerns we may have. Hop ontothis journey of learning and unlearning multiple truths concerning our health, daily habits and so much more.

Hope For Troubled Times

Hope For Troubled Times Musical Concert The Adventist Youth Ministries in partnership with the Personal Ministries presents Youth Evangelism Theme : Hope for Troubled Time. Date : 16th-22nd May, 2021 All Churches, Mid-South Ghana Conference #I WILL GO!!!

Let's Pray

Let’s Pray is a live prayer session where viewers send in their prayer requests and testimonies of what God has done for them.


Christianity has never been a smooth journey for anyone. Followers of Christ also face various challenges in their walk towards becoming better Christians. It may be relationship or marital issues, fighting different forms of abuse, learning how to live with people or fixing broken friendships. Perhaps you can relate to any of these. Be part of the conversation table every Wednesday at 8pm with our Host Evie and invited guests as we discuss some of the most unspoken issues in our Christian society. You too can be part of the program by sending in your questions on said topics or issues you are unable to discuss with anyone.

Take a Break

Take a Break looks at why we need to take a rest from all our work and what the scriptures says about rest.

Wounds of the Heart

A religious and transformational program that will help repair and fix the lives of people who are going through trauma.