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Christianity has never been a smooth journey for anyone. Followers of Christ also face various challenges in their walk towards becoming better Christians. It may be relationship or marital issues, fighting different forms of abuse, learning how to live with people or fixing broken friendships. Perhaps you can relate to any of these. Be part of the conversation table every Wednesday at 8pm with our Host Evie and invited guests as we discuss some of the most unspoken issues in our Christian society. You too can be part of the program by sending in your questions on said topics or issues you are unable to discuss with anyone.


Is there hope in our world today? A world full of pain and sorrow? Yes, there is. Join our Host Pr. Theodore Gyamfi and special invited guests as we journey through this show; be it by learning what the bible says, understanding Adventist beliefs, or examining the beauty of worship. May every Sunday’s 4pm be an hour at the feet of Jesus.

Sabbath School

Learning the scripture is an effective way to grow spiritually. Join us to study God's word today.

Santuary Service

In Seventh-day Adventist theology, the heavenly sanctuary teaching asserts that many aspects of the Hebrew tabernacle or sanctuary are representative of heavenly realities. In particular, Jesus is regarded as the High Priest who provides cleansing for human sins by the sacrificial shedding of his blood.

Soldiers Of The Cross

Soldiers of the cross seeks in preparing the Christian's mind as to how to stand for CHRIST and also made make good decisions in tough times.