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Adventist News

Adventist News Show is all about information and news articles in and around Seventh-Day Adventist Church in general. Be in touch to enjoy more.

Calvary Hour

Calvary Hour; aptly described as your soul-searching music, is uniquely a Live music television show, with non-stop music videos, artistes’ interviews and aimed at winning young souls for Christ.

Wounds of the Heart

A religious and transformational program that will help repair and fix the lives of people who are going through trauma.

Let's Pray

Let’s Pray is a live prayer session where viewers send in their prayer requests and testimonies of what God has done for them.

Family Life

Join our hostess and panel of guests as they talk about family and lifestyle in general.

Healthy Living

Healthy Living discusses themes relevant to our health and wellbeing: exercise and fitness, mental health, natural therapies and many more...

Take a Break

Take a Break looks at why we need to take a rest from all our work and what the scriptures says about rest.


"Real Talk" is a panel show featuring a group of young people discussing topics ranging from the day's news to beauty, fashion, relationships and faith…